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For a quality low cost bathroom, some hints and tips.


Planning a new bathroom?
What questions should you ask?
What should you consider about the room itself?
How much space is required?
What about the interior design - how would you like it?

Colour is the most exciting, most immediately noticeable and the least expensive element in creating a beautiful bathroom. Different colour combinations can make the same room welcoming or impersonal, warm or cool, restful or stimulating. In short colour is extremely important in interior decoration.

Questions to ask
What is disliked about the existing bathroom?
What is liked about the existing bathroom?
What must be included in the new bathroom?
Can the existing bathroom be extended?
Are there any opportunities to include facilities elsewhere in the house
Can a second bathroom be created?
Is the property affected by planning or building regulations?
How many people will be using the new bathroom?
What type of person will be using the new bathroom?
What, if any, are the special needs of the users in the new bathroom?
Will special needs be required in the future?
What bathroom equipment must be included in the new bathroom?
Is the existing heating and ventilation adequate, or can it be improved?
What colour?
What style?
Whats the budget?
Any storage required?

Soil and waste pipes, can they be repositioned?
Which way do the floor joists run?.... Will these affect the repositioning of any of the equipment?



Electrics in the bathroom must be subject to the part 'P' regulation? 
Will these be affected and can they be moved?

Should intense lighting be used in areas where make up and shaving is carried out?

Can the door be hung the opposite way?

What wall coverings are preferred?
What floor coverings are preferred?
What soft furnishings are preferred?
What paint effects are preferred?



You should leave space for moving in your new bathroom,

here are the dimentions you should try to keep to:

Washbasin  1000 x 700 mm in front of the washbasin
WC  800 x 600 mm in front of WC
Bath  1100 x 700 mm in front of bath side
Bidet  800 x 600 mm in front of bidet

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